Welcome to Yarra Judo!

I am delighted that you are visiting and look forward to interacting with you on this site, via my Facebook page, or in person at a Judo class.

My name is Neel and I’m your coach at Yarra Judo. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me in the “About your Coach” section and find out what Judo has meant to me in my life.

Yarra Judo

Yarra Judo opened in 2013 at Plenty Valley International Montessori School on Aquaduct Road, St Helena and has since relocated to Holy Trinity Primary School, 94 Weidlich Rd Eltham North.

We are registered with Judo Victoria and the Judo Federation of Australia (a member of the International Judo Federation) and follow their rules, regulations and grading policies.

Yarra Judo currently offers programs for the following age groups:


•   Children ages 4 – 6:    09.30 to 10.15am
•   Children ages 7 – 10:    10.30 to 11.30am
•   Children ages 10+:    11.45am to 12.45pm
•   Ages 13+ and adults:    1pm – 2.30pm – future class – not currently running

Note: 10 + and 13+ currently combined in a class: 11h45 to 13h15


Ages 13+ and adults:  Mondays: 7 – 8.30pm

What we do

Our aim is for children to have lots of fun, while developing and enhancing the foundation skills for judo such as coordination, spatial orientation, balance, agility and contact awareness. The judokas build muscle strength, learn how to fall safely and leverage body manoeuvres to gain control over an opponent without having to rely on brute strength or force.

They also learn the prescribed set of judo techniques that form part of the grading syllabus of the Judo Federation of Australia.

At the same time, Judo provides a strong means for building character and confidence and learning essential skills for living a fulfilling life. The children learn self-discipline, self-control, respect for themselves and others, patience and leadership skills.

Fee Structure

  • 2 x free trial classes
  • $160 for a 10 class pass
  • $300 for a 20 class pass
  • $430 for a 30 class pass
  • $545 for a 40 class pass
  • siblings can share passes
  • Junior membership of Judo Victoria (JVI) and Judo Australia (JFA), covering insurance:-  First registration: $95
    –  Subsequent annual renewal: $85
  • Recording of grading and issuing of JFA certificate: $20

Free “Try it Out” session

You are more than welcome to bring your children along for a free “Try it Out” session. Click here to book your session.

Start any time of the year

Classes are structured in such a way as to accommodate basic skills in each session so new judokas can slot in at any time of the year.

For any questions or expression of interest please complete this form.

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