Judo for Rugby and AFL

Judo is the perfect off-season sport as well as cross training option for rugby or AFL.

Judo for Rugby

These two sports require a lot of the same skills and traits such as explosive power, strength, excellent balance, safe falling, weight transfer and man handling your opponent.

A quick Google search for “judo for rugby” will produce a long list of examples where rugby union (including teams such as the All Blacks), rugby league and even AFL teams have employed the services of judo to benefit their teams.

During off season judo will also ensure soft tissue conditioning against impact, contact and falls to ensure the body is ready for contact when the new season starts.

Balance and weight transfer is important for a tackled player to create extra time to off load the ball to a team mate. And coupled with strength can help to secure the ball from opposition. And when tackling, these skills/attributes will also help the tackler to position the tackled player in such a way that makes it easier for his team mates to overturn possession. Judo will also present rugby players with various options to clear out opposition from the rucks.

A further benefit of judo for rugby is the principle of “maximum efficiency least effort” that is paramount to judo players. By this principle smaller players are able to manoeuvre bigger stronger players by making use of the bigger and stronger player’s power and momentum to gain advantage. And this leads to increased confidence in smaller players to take or make tackles and manhandling opposition in the rucks.

The grappling aspect in judo also increases upper body strength and is advantageous in enhancing “fighting for the ball” skills. Whether it is to secure the ball from the opponent or to take it from them.

Judo also teaches safe falling as a core skills which goes a long way in minimising the risk of concussion and broken arms/necks etc.

The sport also helps to increase pain threshold, rapid firing of core muscles and mental focus.

It is evident from the above that judo is an excellent complimentary sport to rugby and AFL. So why not join us for a free class to experience first hand our approach. You can express interest via this page.

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