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classes for different age groups

The classes are fun and a variety of well-designed, purposeful games are played to improve the Judoka’s physical and mental skills.

All classes are beginner-friendly and structured such that children can join at any time and start developing their skills – each at their own pace.

classes for

ages 4-6

purposeful fun

Classes include a variety of activities and games to develop body awareness, spatial orientation, fundamental movement skills and entry-level judo techniques:

  • Active start phase (warm-up activities)
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • ABC’s of athleticism (agility, balance, coordination, speed)
  • Judo-related activities and games to develop entry-level judo skills
  • Short-duration speed and agility games
  • Short-duration aerobic activities
  • Activities to promote flexibility and strength
  • Grappling techniques – emphasis on the ground than standing up techniques
  • Learn to fall safely
  • Activities to build confidence and courage
  • Activities to develop listening and concentration skills

playful learning

The classes for 4-6-year-olds focus on playful learning and fundamental movement skill development, with parents/guardians joining their children on the mat for most of the activities.

All partner games are played with parents/guardians in the partner role, to prevent inexperienced participants from accidentally injuring their “opponents”/ partners.

Partner work with parents/guardians is also helpful in building confidence and strengthening the bond between adult and child. 

And the kids love the interaction with their adults!

classes for

ages 7-10

fun and focus

  • All classes are beginner friendly and structured to accommodate varied skill levels
  • The focus in on having fun while engaging in judo-related activities and games
  • Activities to develop the ABCs of athleticism (agility, balance, coordination, speed)
  • Introduction to judo etiquette and rules, as well as the  concept of fair play – but without too much or unnecessary emphasis on discipline
  • Learn to work with a partner to achieve a goal
  • Learning basis grappling techniques on the ground and standing up
  • Developing a general awareness of the body
  • Improving fitness levels 
  • Developing and refining movement patterns associated with judo
  • Developing speed (linear, lateral, multi-directional)
  • Introduction to strength, power and stamina
  • Further development of suppleness/flexibility

respect for the individual

This classes for 7 – 10-year-olds cover the FUNdamentals and Learn-to-Train phase of physical development. 

During this phase, participants’ physiological, social, emotional, and cognitive development can vary widely. 

Care is taken to respect these differences and allow each child to develop at their own pace. 

classes for

ages 10+

fun and morals

  • Focus on individual  development 
  • Consolidate and refine the ABCs
  • Consolidate basic judo techniques and acquire and develop more advanced techniques
  • Introduction to tactical and strategic approaches and techniques
  • Introduction to the judo philosophy around winning and losing
  • Still emphasizing training vs competition, although some individuals may be introduced to entry-level competitions
  • Emphasis on ethical behaviour and the judo morals
  • Introducing strangling and armbar techniques in a safe and controlled manner to u15 participants to prepare them for moving into the u18 age group where these techniques are practised 

individual strengths and development

In this class the Learn to Train phase transitions into the Training to Train phase. Developmental differences can still fluctuate widely, and care is taken to accommodate these differences. 

Classes are tailored to allow beginners to fit in seamlessly.

fiona mitsinikos


We’ve been with Yarra Judo for 3 year and our son loves all the skills he’s learnt in that time. Neel is a great teacher who I’d definitely recommend.

Isolde shepherd-piet


My son has been going to Yarra Judo for a few years now and very much enjoy the classes. The lessons are in age appropriate groups. Besides the judo techniques, children get trained on all aspects of judo, including respect, resilience and diligence.

jacqueline Nunan


Fun and inspirational judo for judoka of all ages.

  • Purchase a 10-class, 20-class, 30-class or 40-class pass.
  • Packages can be divided between siblings. 

      Additonal cost include:

  • Registration with Judo Victoria for insurance purposes
  • Uniform
  • $160 for 10 classes
  • $300 for 20 classes
  • $430 for 30 classes
  • $545 for 40 classes
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